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High Chairs and Kid Table Rentals

Triangle Lawn Games is the nation’s leading provider of specialty yard game rentals. We are experts at what types of cornhole to buy and use, how to run a tournament, what the best yard game olympics games are, and we have spent years building a platform that is repeatable and efficient to bring great games to parties and events. Along the way we have met some incredible companies that do other things, such as our partnership with Wowzers who offers amazing party artist services. We have also partnered up with Babyquip, the nation’s leader in baby equipment rentals.

Babyquip has amazing vendors in Orlando that can help provide high chair and kids table rentals for your event, among other fun items! They even rent items like strollors,car seats, cribs and more if you are traveling into town and need things. If you are looking to rent lawn games we are a great option, but if you need other items such as ball pit rentals, diaper changing stations and more – check out babyquip via the button below!


Baby Game Rental Options in Orlando

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Ball Pit Rentals

High Chairs and Kid Table Rentals

Kids Tables and Chairs

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Diaper Changing Stations

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Why Would You Want Kids High Chairs and Tables at Your Event?

Kids tables and chairs at an event are essential for several reasons, particularly when families with children are expected to attend. Here are some key reasons why having dedicated kids’ seating is beneficial:

  • Comfort and Safety: Kids’ tables and chairs are designed to be the appropriate size for children, offering them comfort and safety. It allows children to sit comfortably and reduces the risk of accidents or injuries associated with using adult-sized furniture.

  • Engagement and Participation: Providing a designated area with tables and chairs for kids encourages them to engage in age-appropriate activities. It gives them a space to interact with one another, play games, or participate in crafts and other activities planned for them.

  • Facilitates Kid-Friendly Activities: If the event includes activities specifically for children, having dedicated tables and chairs provides a space for these activities to take place. This can include coloring, crafting, or other interactive games and entertainment.

  • Promotes Inclusivity: Having furniture tailored to the needs of children makes the event more inclusive for families. It ensures that all attendees, regardless of age, have a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

  • Parental Comfort and Convenience: Parents appreciate events that cater to the needs of their children. Having dedicated seating for kids means parents don’t have to worry about finding suitable places for their children to sit, allowing them to relax and enjoy the event.

  • Safe Distance from Adult Activities: Children’s tables and chairs can be strategically placed to provide a safe distance from adult-focused activities. This helps prevent interference and ensures that kids have their own space to enjoy age-appropriate entertainment.

  • Age-Appropriate Decor: Kids’ tables and chairs can be decorated in a way that appeals to children, creating a visually appealing and inviting space for them. This adds to the overall theme and atmosphere of the event.

  • Convenience for Mealtime: If the event includes meals or snacks, having kids’ tables makes it more convenient for children to enjoy their food. It can also help prevent spills and messes by providing a suitable and stable surface.

In summary, incorporating kids’ tables and chairs at an event is a thoughtful way to accommodate families and ensure that both children and their parents have a positive and enjoyable experience. It contributes to the overall atmosphere of inclusivity and consideration for all attendees.

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