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So you have a great company with amazing, unique and fun people, and it’s time they had a corporate meeting that is amazing, unique, and fun too. Just because there’s a little business to cover, doesn’t mean that the rest of the event has to be ho-hum. But where do you start for a great event? The venue. And that can sometimes be the toughest part. This is Orlando after all, home of the Disney parties. But no one wants another boring ballroom at a hotel. And definitely no one wants random long-winded motivational speakers or trivia games about coworkers. It’s time to shake up the standards and here is a great place to start. 

  1. The Cheyenne Saloon and Opera House:  

This intensely gorgeous wooden-build, 1800s style location is perfect for all sorts of events, but will definitely wow your employees. The scope of old world flavor is only matched by the amount of options for your corporate event. With three stories of dance floors, rooms, stages, bars, restaurants, and opera boxes above the main room, even a larger company can fit all their employees inside. But don’t forget that there need to be activities. Companies like Triangle Lawn Games have a huge variety of games that can be rented and delivered to whatever venue you use. In this case, I think that Giant Connect 4 or cornhole would fit perfectly.

  1. The Acre

Quirky and elegant elements converge at this smaller mostly-outdoor venue that will function well for any corporate event. For indoor spaces, you have the choice of the Chapel Hall or Barn, and for outdoor spaces, there is a large lawn, fire pit, and Mirror Patio. Don’t forget to add lawn games like bocce ball, Spikeball, or tug of war for team building exercises.

  1. The Hanger

If your company is on the larger side, and you have some money to spend, no place is better for a corporate event or meeting in Orlando than the Hanger. This massive 12,800 square foot actual airplane hanger is open for literally whatever you want. It has LED lights, full wall projector screens, pure white walls, and the flexibility to host whatever you want. With such a huge space, the possibilities are only limited by our own lack of creativity. Immediately I thought of golf games that span from one side to the other. KanJam, Ladder golf, Battleput, and Battle chip are all perfect options. And if you haven’t played any of these, you’re missing out.

  1. Dr. Phillips House:

Formerly known as the Courtyard at Lake Lucerne, this historic house has long been a favorite location for a variety of special events. It’s expansive, beautiful, and well staffed. There are plenty of rooms for more formal meetings and the outdoor areas are ready to be used for party time afterwards.

  1. Crooked Can Brewing Company:

This local brewery has everything to offer for the more adventurous company owners who don’t mind a beer or two in between business bullet points. This 2000 square foot space can accommodate 150 guests and has vendor connections for all food needs. The decor is classic with stainless steel, copper and wood adoring every corner and wall. There is plenty of space for more formal presentations or even for the classic trio of bar games: giant Jenga, giant connect 4 and of course, cornhole. 

All business owners feel the stress descend when there is a corporate event to be planned. There has to be a mix of the professional and the personal. Finding the right space and the right activities has to accomplish both ends. These venues should be a good start, but don’t forget about the games. Team building games have a long history of creating connections within groups of people and comradery being established will improve any work environment. Plus, it’s fun. The best place in Orlando to get games like these is Triangle Lawn Games. Their inventory is expansive, they offer quick and easy online rental, and they even have delivery options. Call 407.887.3111 with any questions. And have a great event!

Custom Cornhole

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Ladderball For Sale


The Ladder Toss Bundle is perfect for a classic Ladder Toss experience. All-wood frames are crafted with varnished wood that’s lightweight, sturdy, and weather-resistant. Bundle includes 2 standard frame pieces, 6 all-weather golf bolas (3 green, 3 indigo), push-in scoring markers, zip-up carrying case, and official game guide.

Caliber Games Bundle

Ultimate Game Bundle

Bring all the fun to your next tailgate party with the Caliber Games Ultimate Tailgate Games Bundle. This bundle includes ALL of our original and classic tailgate game packages at a massive 30% discount. Get TowerBall, Island Shot, HOKU, Cornhole, Timber Tower XL, and Ladder Toss, plus carrying cases, game guides, and all standard game accessories.

Timber Tower For Sale

Timber Tower

The Timber Tower Bundle from Caliber Games is a giant-sized version of the classic childhood game. A guaranteed hit at backyard parties, tailgates, park days, or weddings, feel the pressure as you stack the tower until it takes a big fall! Bundle includes 54 stacking blocks, a house rules board, and zip-up carrying case.



Great for all ages and group sizes, the four-sided, 360° toss game is the ultimate casual group competition. Includes collapsible tower, 8 hackey-style balls, and backpack carry case. 100% weatherproof materials, playable indoors or outdoors.

YARD Dice For Sale

Yard Dice

All equipment included for Yardzee & Yard Farkle for up to 5 players. Includes 6 solid wood jumbo dice, 5 large reusable score cards, wooden bucket, & marker for a complete yard dice set.

Cross Net For Sale


CROSSNET is the world’s first four square volleyball game. Set up within minutes in sand, grass, or indoors. Height adjustable for men (7’11”), women (7’4″), and children (5’6″). Perfect for backyards, beach days, and BBQs. All orders come with an official CROSSNET™️ four-way net, poles, and volleyball.

BottleBash For Sale


Bottle Bash combines disc golf and horseshoes for a perfect blend of high-stakes skill, strategy, and teamwork. The objective of the game is to knock your opponent’s bottle off the pole by throwing the disc. Bundle includes 2 aluminum poles, 2 bottles, 2 ground stakes, 1 disc, and a mesh storage bag.

Island Shot Games

Island Shot

Island Shot is a new, simplified take on Cornhole. The difference is you’re trying to land it on the Island! To play, just take turns tossing bags and trying to land them on the island (+3 points), and in the hole (+1 point), the first to 9 points exactly wins. Bundle includes (1) collapsible island board, (6) mini cornhole bags, and a mesh carrying bag.

Backyard Golf Game

Backyard Golf Game

This game was built by friends and neighbors with a simple goal in mind: to have fun with great company and a little friendly competition at each other’s houses. It’s perfect for practicing your swing and great a way to bring kids, adults, friends, family and neighbors together—to enjoy the outdoors together.

Hooks Ring Toss

Ring Game

The team that created the viral HOOKS! Ring Toss Game. Handmade with either a burned finish or natural finish, HOOKS! is the best game to compete with friends at your next tailgate, backyard party or a night out at the bar.

HOKU For Sale


HOKU® is a novel twist on the timeless simplicity of backyard toss games. Bundle includes easy storage carrying case, quality rubberwood game board with sealed varnish finish, and 6 throwing stars (3 square, 3 triangle).

Putterball For Sale


PutterBall began with a dream of bringing a golf-themed backyard party game to the masses. We focused on creating an outdoor golf game that everyone could enjoy, including those who have never actually played golf. The PutterBall board is made of 100% high-density durable foam that you can walk on, stand on, and transport just about anywhere!